The Arthur Series by Marc Brown, which features both picture and chapter books, also has a corresponding TV show and an amazing website for educators through PBS. The picture books are recommended for kids in K-3, and the chapter books might be more appropriate for 3rd to 4th graders. That said, even the picture books can be made more advanced by supplementing with reader response activities.

Titles that will be bought:
1) Arthur's Underware
2) Arthur's Birthday
3) Arthur Writes a Story
4) Arthur Meets the President
5) Arthur's Valentine
6) Arthur's Pet Business
7) Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Here are a list of the picture books:`
Chapter books:

The books can be purchased at Amazon.

Videos can be viewed via itunes or purchased at amazon.

An enrichment could feature reading the books, watching short clips from the show, and doing some of the activities or lesson plans listed here:

Some plans are better than others, and there is an almost overwhelming amount of resources. Under the first link, the lesson plans, "Story Writing with Arthur" in particular has some great reproducibles.

This class will be an offering during the winter semester at LSA-Burns twice a week (Monday/Tuesday). Tentatively, this class could involve every child reading the book on Monday and doing a short response activity, followed by a longer project on Tuesday or watching corresponding video and comparing/contrasting book to video.

Some of the books may be out of print and some of the videos may be tough to obtain. However, there are TONS of Arthur titles and a PYD would at most need 16 of the books, if they decided to read a book each class over eight weeks -- but it might work best with one book a week, for a total of eight titles. The costs associated with this enrichment include - buying the books/videos (a one time investment), and any artsy supplies for the follow up activities.

MISC. Notes:** ... this might be a useful link for Community Schools projects involving health. It provides information in English & Spanish on how to help if a child has asthma.